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Get an entire year of unlimited Copy Chief access for only $888 (Save $602!) 

(Hurry! Only 100 spots available)

Get an entire year of unlimited Copy Chief access for only $888 (Save $602!)  

(Hurry! Only 100 spots available)

The Most Proven & Predictable Path 
To A Thriving Career In Direct Response Copywriting 
Is Through This Door…
The Most Proven & Predictable Path 
To A Thriving Career In Direct Response Copywriting 
Is Through This Door…
If you’re done toying around with…
 Freelancing platforms where every gig is a “race to the bottom” in pricing and quality…
 Facebook groups packed with clueless newbies (mis)guiding each other into the copywriting abyss…
 Trendy hustle tactics that prey on novice business owners who wouldn’t know good copy if it poked them in the eye…

And instead, you want to walk the proven path to becoming a CONFIDENT, RESPECTED, PRO COPYWRITER, whose calendar stays booked solid with qualified, collaborative clients who respect both the craft and the copywriter… then, please, read on…

Copy Chief opened to 100 copywriters on labor day weekend 2014.

Since then we’ve served thousands of members...

Launched hundreds of copywriting careers…

And generated an estimated 10 million dollars in contracts between copywriters and companies who love and respect the power of direct response marketing.

A pretty epic run over, but there are still way more companies ready to hire good copywriters than there are good copywriters to fill the gigs.

So I’m on a mission to triple that number and provide 30 million in jobs for copywriters by the year 2030.

The jobs are waiting, now we need more solid copywriters to fill them.

So, what do you get as a member of copy chief?

It’s simple…

Just like my friend and mentor, John Carlton, says: It’s all about… 

Getting Good, Getting Connected, and Getting Paid


We help you get good with world class copy training led by the top producing leaders in the industry…

People like Todd Brown, Parris Lampropoulos, Marcella Allison, John Carlton, Chris Orzechowski, David Deutsch, Dan Ferrari, Laura Belgray, Chris Haddas, and Harmon Brothers, all teaching things they don’t teach anywhere else…

These aren’t the typical copy trainings that do nothing but clog up your brain and your harddrive… these are hands on, 60-minute workshops designed to put the tactics you learn into immediate action for your copy


We get you connected by putting you in direct contact with the companies hiring the skills you learn in Copy Chief.

Our job board is the only one in the industry where companies pay to post their jobs. so you know they’re serious about hiring right now. 

In the last month alone, we've posted over 50 high-level job opportunities for copywriters... 

Every gig is vetted and filtered so you're only dealing with clients who value and respect the work you do… and have the budget to pay you what you're actually worth.

Even better, you can access our private recruiting clubs where the copy chiefs from companies like Banyan Hill and grant cardone will train you in advance on the skills they want to pay you to perform for them. 

Try finding that in a free facebook group.

Companies like this don’t waste time on social media or freelancing websites. They come to Copy Chief to meet they’re next superstar copywriters. 


We help you get paid what you're worth by showing you how to specialize your services, position yourself as a trusted expert, and price your proposals for top dollar. 

Because good companies paying good money to good people is good business - for everybody. 

So, if you’re done with the brain-draining, soul-sucking slog of everything you’ve tried so far to go next-level pro as a copywriter…

And you're ready to get seriously good, get super connected, and paid very well for what you love to do…then, welcome to copy chief!
Wanna see inside? Here’s a walkthrough of the forums…
Our members come here to raise their game and enter the ultimate arena to land contracts with the top marketing companies in the world.

Ask anyone around and you’ll quickly find that Copy Chief is THE place to be if you’re ready to stop playing around, and get serious about growing your business and your income as a copywriter. 

I’ve been told by industry leaders that the cost of membership is ridiculously underpriced for the value we provide. 

But I’m happy to be the best bargain out there if it means bringing people together who are serious about crafting breakthrough copy, and growing their business like a true pro.

For example - take a quick look at what a few of our members have to say about their time in Copy Chief:
"(Kevin) has shown me how to systematically make myself a respected authority within my industry and among my peers and colleagues!” 
- Elin Marie, Copy Chief Member
“Fellow Chiefs act as a brain trust and provide other members with top-notch advice and a ton of camaraderie.” 
- Cara Flett, Copy Chief Member
“Copy Chief has been a GREAT source of revenue for me – well into 6-figures annually.”
- Russ Reynolds, Copy Chief Member
“This community launched my career. I can trace every penny I've made to a connection I made in Copy Chief."
- Melanie Warren, Copy Chief Member

Copy Chief is the sole recruiting hub for the best-of-the-best marketing and information companies in the world

Companies like Grant Cardone Enterprises, Banyan Hill Publishing (Agora), and Mirasee (to name a few)... 

Where we’ve placed scores of talented copywriters of all skill and experience levels. 

I can directly connect at least $5 million dollars in contracts between our writers and companies inside Copy Chief. 

That number likely DOUBLES when you factor in the countless number of projects and partnerships that happen through organic connections in our private forums and at our live events. 

Respectfully, if you can’t at least 5x your modest investment in Copy Chief membership, then you’re simply not using it like you should. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have an entire staff of community leaders (many of them high-level, working pro copywriters) ready and waiting to answer all your questions and guide you to the money. 
“One gig from the Copy Chief job board, made me 80% of my biz rev this year.”
- Youcef, Copy Chief member
"Last I checked I’ve earned $7,500 on my investment in Copy Chief.”
- Aaron Crocker, Copy Chief member
"I've gotten more than 50% of my entire career work from the Copy Chief job board." 
– Nick Yates, Copy Chief member
"My first year in, and I can attribute a LION’S SHARE of my client work to the Copy Chief job board.”
- Michael McGovern, Copy Chief member
So, if you’re in this to make a quick buck or learn a “secret hack” – Copy Chief might not be for you. 

But if you’re serious about building a fulfilling and profitable career as a professional copywriter, confidently delivering great work, and building long-term relationships with top-tier clients, marketers, and business owners…

Then I’d like to invite you to join us inside what is widely known as the best community, training dashboard, and active job board in the industry for one of our lowest prices ever. 

Since 2014, we’ve given our 3,000+ members the tools, trainings, and guidance to become expert, sought-after writers and creative marketers. 

Now it’s your turn…

8th Anniversary Special!

Get an ENTIRE YEAR of unlimited access for only $888

Only 100 spots available 
(Ends September 26)

8th Anniversary Special!

Get an ENTIRE YEAR of unlimited access for only $888

Only 100 spots available 
(Ends September 26)
Copy Chief is widely-known as the best place to get actionable training, expert feedback, a caring support system, and reliable source of quality leads

Join us inside by taking advantage of this limited time “Anniversary Special” and close out 2022 as your best year ever!

Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 (save $602) if you’re one of the first 100 people to join before September 26th.

"I now make my own schedule and cuddle my floofly little dog all day while writing and editing to my heart's content."
 - Jam Thompson
"My best clients came from connections and friends inside Copy Chief."
– Angie Colee
“My game has been upped significantly since joining Copy Chief.”
- Ross O’Lochlainn
"Kevin, all the best writers come from Copy Chief - I can’t wait to bring more into the fold"
- Danny Iny 
Founder and CEO of Mirasee

Here’s How Belonging To Copy Chief Can Change Everything In Your Copywriting Career…

Land Gigs On The Industry’s Best Copywriting Job Board
At Copy Chief we help freelancers build more than a ‘side hustle’ – we build careers. 

There are lots of “overnight experts” out there slinging over-the-top promises of lucrative gigs that never appear…

One-size-fits all solutions to complex (and personal) career choices that only work for people just like the person teaching them… 

Or high-pressure “say anything” front-end sales tactics that lure people into the program, then arrogant “fend for yourself” resources that do nothing to help you get ahead.

We do things differently here at Copy Chief…
We can directly count at least $5 million in contracts for copywriters hired through my personal coaching groups, but the actual number is far greater when you consider all the connections made “organically” inside the forums. 

Working behind the scenes to facilitate so many lucrative deals between copywriters and publishers, agencies, and marketing companies, has taught us a lot about what both parties need to make it work. 

That’s why the Copy Chief Job Board is the industry’s go to “search and hire” service for connecting business owners with creative marketing pros, including: 
  • High-level marketers like Jeff Walker, Danny Iny, Ryan Levesque and Ramit Sethi
  • ​Info-publishers like Banyan Hill, Paleo Hacks, Stansberry Research, and Natural Health Sherpa
  • ​Marketing agencies like Dig.In, Pineapple, and Moxie
  • ​Small businesses and marketers across all industries that need ongoing help, and more!
Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned expert with years of experience – you’ll find business owners who are serious about hiring across all levels of experience:
What’s even better – as an active Copy Chief member learning and interacting in the Community forum, our team and moderators will get to know you and gladly notify you of new gigs that are a good fit for your specific skill set. 
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 (Save $602) when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available
"I’ve hit my income goals for the year - about 75% of that is from Copy Chief introductions. 

My most recent Copy Chief job forum prospect landed me an 80k/yr client."
- Nick Yates
"First two clients ever last week.
First invoice goes out today to a corporate client in the crypto security space. Invoicing 2nd client next week."
- Dave Montore
"I received an offer for the Ramit Sethi role (thanks in large part due to RFL and the Copy Chief Community)"
- Jeremy
"I got the email gig from Copy Chief! "
- Elliott Pak 
Click to watch Jesse Eker (T. Harv Eker) share his experience with Copy Chief

“In Copy Chief you get access to the best copywriters in the world.”
- Jesse Eker (T. Harv Eker)
Click to watch Jesse Eker (T. Harv Eker) share his experience with Copy Chief

“In Copy Chief you get access to the best copywriters in the world.”
- Jesse Eker (T. Harv Eker)

Sharpen You Chops With Mind-Shifting Copy Training From Copywriting Leaders & Legends

Sharpen You Chops With Mind-Shifting Copy Training From Copywriting Leaders & Legends

Delivered to you in real time with clear and actionable video trainings - including “battle plan” templates and framework worksheets - so you can implement the most proven tactics immediately.

What's unique about our trainings is that they are based on RESULTS. Meaning, you're only seeing the stuff that works, based on the proven tests from our members. 

Access all your trainings in your personal mobile-friendly Training Dashboard, including:

Core Copy Skills

Learn the fundamental skills needed to confidently create any and all pieces of persuasive copy including research, storytelling, and more! 
Big Idea Copywriting w/ Todd Brown
The Promise-ability Matrix w/ David Deutsch
How To Find, Study, and Reverse-Engineer Winning Copy Controls w/ April Dykman
The Halbert Research Method w/ Bond Halbert
The Long-Form Sales Letter w/ Henry Bingaman
The Advanced Copy Creation Blueprint w/ Kevin Rogers

And more!

Freelancer Skills

As entrepreneurs, there are also fundamental business and marketing challenges we face. That’s why we’ve created a place specifically for the business side of freelancing. Access special “on the job” trainings and chat with professional freelancers to get help managing clients, projects, and business operations. You’ll learn how to launch, grow, and manage your freelance business like a pro.
Establishing C.R.E.D. & Raising your Fees w/ Laura Belgray 
Heroic Project Management w/ Abbey Woodcock
3 Paths For Successful Freelance Copywriting w/ Kevin
Make Sales Your Strength w/ Casey Stanton
The Freelancer’s Journey w/ Rachel Mazza
Landing Your Dream Gig w/ Kevin Rogers 

And more!

Copywriting Money Skills

Copywriting “Money Skills” are the skills that directly increase sales for your own products, or make you more in-demand as a freelancer. For business owners, they’re critical components of your funnel that spark a revenue injection. For freelancers, they’re the most in-demand skills business owners need and ask for every day
Email Copywriting w/ Chris Orzechowski
Facebook Ad Copywriting w/ Mike Rinard
Advertorial Pre-sale page Copywriting w/ Rachel Mazza

And more!

Copywriting Crash Course

New to the world of direct response copywriting? This Copywriting Crash Course will help you build and practice your skills quickly so you can confidently deliver great copy that works. At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to confidently wear the badge of “professional copywriter” – plus a real portfolio with relevant samples that you can show to clients who are looking for copywriters with your new skills.
Copywriting 101 w/ Kevin Rogers
The Sales Letter Research Method w/ Mike Schauer
The 4×6 Copywriting Formula w/ Kevin Rogers

And more!

Guest Experts and Copywriting Legends

Top industry experts and marketing legends teach these exclusive workshops you won’t get anywhere else. You’ll learn from the best in the business like John Carlton, Todd Brown, Laura Belgray, Todd Herman, Dean Jackson, Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Marcella Allison, and many more
The Depths of Your Buyer’s Mind w/ Parris Lampropoulos
21 Rules For High-Caliber Copywriting w/ Mike Ward
The Joy of “No” - Creating Boundaries w/ Laura Belgray
Behind The Control w/ Dan Ferrari
21 Rules For High-Caliber Copywriting w/ Mike Ward
Deep Dive Sales Page w/ Ryan Levesque
How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures w/ James Schramko
The 16-Word Sales Letter w/ Evaldo Albuquerque
Tapping Into your Greatest Superpower w/ Marcella Allison
How to easily open conversations and close deals without high-pressure sales tactics or hard-selling w/ Dean Jackson
Rhythm in Writing w/ John Carlton
Personal Branding That Can’t Be Ignored w/ Mike Michalowicz
Plus trainings with other industry-leading experts like Tom Breeze, Keith Krance, David Deutsch, Todd Herman, And more!
If you were to get your hands on all the trainings and collective wisdom of the Copy Chief Training Suite individually...

... you’d likely have to spend upwards of $50,000 and perform YEARS worth of marketing tests across dozens of industries. 

But — because it’s now delivered on a brand new and enhanced digital platform and communication system...

... you can now stay on the cutting edge of what makes sales TODAY for less than the price of ONE single copywriting course!
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available
Shout out to @Kevin Rogers the "plug and play" nature of his trainings are awesome. 
- Paxton Morgan
"I'm working through Question Authority worksheet And can proudly say - this is a very powerful tool."
- Jacqueline Birnbaum 
"Copy Chief is so complete, I find it hard to find a program that even matches this amount of value."
- Alejandro Martinez
"I am flabbergasted with the trainings! So far the experience behind the curtain and the support team have been top-notch."
- Rosa Joaquinez
“Wow! Wow! & Wow again! [These Trainings] will SERIOUSLY improve your copy & marketing!"
- Eran Malloch
"I just used the 4x6 formula and thought "This is too can't possibly work". 

It was nearly effortless to fill out the cards and I was literally able to just take the information from the cards and put it together as an email."
- Harry Maurer 
"You really have something special here with the core courses. Valuable insights from different experts, easy to follow lessons, and entertaining lessons. Well done."
- Albert Martinez
"I have been blown away by the trainings, the new platform and all the value you have provided."
- Julie Carroll

Grow Your Revenue With Game-Changing Freelance Business Advice

As entrepreneurs, there are also fundamental business and marketing challenges we face. That’s why we’ve created a place specifically for the business side of freelancing.

Access special “on the job” trainings and chat with professional freelancers to get help managing clients, projects, and business operations.

There are a lot of high level freelance copywriters and consultants inside Copy Chief. Think of this as your virtual freelancer’s "lounge" where we talk about how to grow your service business, get help on prospect/client problems you have, and reach the next level.

The value here is learning from other freelancers who are “in the trenches” how they’ve eliminated friction and raised their game as a freelancer – Plus get advice on how to handle sticky scenarios with clients.

Level Up And Land Gigs In The Private Coaching and Recruiting Clubs

Our private coaching and recruiting Clubs make it easy to get laser focused, avoid distractions, and level up both your skills and your business quickly.

In these Clubs you’ll not only get PERSONAL coaching from some of the top marketers in the industry (like Kevin Rogers, Chris Orzechowski, Joshua Lee Henry, Rachel Mazza, Aaron Dehoog, Angie Colee, and more)…

But also jump to the front of the line for some of the biggest job opportunities out there. 

We’re on a mission to make Copy Chief not just somewhere you learn the work and do the work, but the place where you GET the work.

We've been doing that with the World of Financial Copywriting Club – Proving a model to nurture, train, and PLACE copywriters with great financial publishers that will pay you well and provide a winning environment to grow your skills on the job... 

But we're not stopping there. 

We’ve just inked a deal to open up a new club following the same model with Grant Cardone’s company. 

They are the whale of the real estate, business growth, and personal wealth market – And every one of our members will have access to their chief, their trainings, and the opportunity to work in their company as they grow a team of dozens of copywriters.

Next, we'll explore new markets, with great companies dedicated to fostering your talents and providing the best possible launch of your copywriting career.

We personally vet every one of these companies to make sure they meet our standards. And continue working with them to optimize results. 

Copy Chief members automatically get full access to many of these private Clubs. In addition, you’ll get member-only discounts on our special programs and workshops like…

  • Email Copy Academy – Learn directly from Chris Orzechowski how to become a highly-paid, in-demand email copywriter in record time.
  • Escape Velocity – This step-by-step training program shows you how to kickstart a freelance career, attract quality clients, and confidently deliver great work.
  • ​Real Free Life – Learn how to get better clients, at higher rates, and a steady flow of leads coming to YOU instead of the other way around. 
  • ​The Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator – A high-level coaching mastermind where Kevin Rogers will personally help you achieve your goals and move through The Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available

The "Nobody Writes Alone" Community where You’ll Get Supported By Pro Freelancers…

Get Feedback and Accurate Advice from “In The Trenches” Experts ... 

And Get Guidance From the Best Copywriters in the Business.

The "Nobody Writes Alone" Community where You’ll Get Supported By Pro Freelancers…

Get Feedback and Accurate Advice from “In The Trenches” Experts ... 

And Get Guidance From the Best Copywriters in the Business.

We know there are many communities for entrepreneurs out there. Copy Chief is an elite community where working professionals of all levels network and train to become the best at their craft, get paid top dollar for their skills, and stay ahead of the competition by keeping their finger on the pulse of what’s working now.

In the Copy Chief Community Forum you’ll get shoulder-to-shoulder with the most active, successful marketers working “in the trenches” today – all while learning from industry legends who rarely teach anywhere else.

Plus – Copy Chief members get exclusive access to live masterclass trainings and live events with some of the world’s best marketers!

Since 2014 Copy Chief has been THE place for entrepreneurs, copywriters, and freelancers of all levels to connect and grow.

Here you won’t find casual hobbyists or time wasters. We’re for creative marketers who are serious about becoming masters of their craft, and building a real income with their skills.

You bring your passion, creativity, and drive – We’ll provide the confidence, connections, direction, and focus to build a sustainable income with your skills. 

Bottom line – this is a community of pro’s who lift each other up and help each other achieve big goals. It’s the best place to be to get confident in your skills, get support from other freelancers, and land ‘dream gigs’ that turn into long-term partnerships. 
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available

Write Confidently With Personal Feedback From 
The Greatest Copywriters In The Biz

As a Copy Chief member, you'll get unlimited access to our Copywriting Feedback Forum where you can get critiques and feedback from high-level copywriters who are “in the trenches” every day.
Our community of "Chiefs" will dive into your copy or offer and give you actionable advice for improving your ad. Use these valuable insights to edit your copy, then post it back up for more feedback until it's ready to publish. 
PLUS - we often host live copywriting workshops and fun ‘skill practice’ contests where you’ll get personal coaching from some of the world's best marketers (and the chance to win cool prizes too!) 
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available

Helping Freelancers All Over The World Create True Freedom By Simply Turning Words Into Money

Helping Freelancers All Over The World Create True Freedom By Simply Turning Words Into Money

“Freedom” is the number one term our members use to describe their driving force. 

Yet, we all have our own definition of the word.

It might mean the freedom to travel and live/work wherever you want in the world…

Or the freedom to stay home with your kids so you don’t miss a beat as they grow into cool little humans…

Maybe it’s the freedom to sit on a cushy little nest egg of 6-months worth of expenses, and have the peace of mind that you can tackle any emergency that might come your way…

Or maybe it’s simply the freedom to control your calendar, decide how and when you want to work, and wake up every morning (or afternoon) choosing what YOU want to focus on that day INSTEAD of feeling tied to someone else’s agenda.

The most difficult aspects of this life we’ve chosen for ourselves happen when we’re alone. That’s why our motto at Copy Chief is “Nobody Writes Alone.”

At Copy Chief, our goal is to make sure you’re supported as you get good, get CONNECTED, and get paid. 

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll become a gazillionaire, or that it will always be easy…
We CAN guarantee that you’ll always have a safe, reliable, and supportive place to get:
  • Field-tested answers with your toughest questions
  • ​Expert feedback on your work so you’re never on your own
  • ​Actionable training and resources that build confidence in your skills
  • ​A healthy source of reliable leads to make sure you always have work when you need it
  • ​Like-minded people who hold you accountable, truly care about you as a person, and genuinely want you to succeed  
Connections are the fastest way to leap a few rungs on the proverbial ladder of success. 

The creative freelancers and business owners you meet inside Copy Chief aren’t dabblers or hobbyists – they’re serious about building a real, sustainable business for the long term. 

They join at all levels, and from different points in their careers, and we help them get even better by embracing their creative skills that we know are in demand with clients...Then we get them connected, so they can get paid better than they’ve ever been paid before. 

Not by “hustling” harder and stretching the truth about their abilities. (As so many teach these days.) – but by “having the goods” and using our credentials to raise the rope for them. 

There’s a reason that Copy Chief writers are widely-known as the best in the world. 

It’s because they never have to do it alone, and collectively we rise together. 

Whether you’re a copywriter, content marketer, or creative marketer…

If you’re looking for an inclusive and drama-free place to build a long-term career as a pro, learn alongside and network with true professionals, and have a great time doing it – then you’ve found your new home.
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available

Now Is the BEST Time To Join Copy Chief

When I first opened Copy Chief 8 years ago, I decided I only wanted people who were serious about their craft and their business…

No hobbyists or “side hustlers” – only people who truly cared about the craft and the “Pro Code” 

We limited the number of founding members to 100 to make sure this remained an intimate and supportive community. 

In the spirit of keeping Copy Chief an exclusive community for the people who are there to get serious about their business and produce great work…

We’re limiting this 8th anniversary special to 100 new members at this special price. 

With the recent changes in the freelancing and marketing landscape, now more than ever it’s critical to have a strong support system, and bulletproof resources for helping your confidence, skills, and career thrive. 

Inside Copy Chief we have more jobs than ever before for ALL types of marketers and skills levels. 

The best part is, we’re just getting started. 

Recently we partnered with Banyan Hill (Agora) to create our “World of Financial Copywriting Club.”

In this club, Copy Chief members learned from the top financial publisher in the world and a handful of those members were hired by them at the end of the process. 

These jobs have turned into 6-figure opportunities within the first few months… 

But we didn’t stop there.

We continued this same process by partnering with Grant Cardone and his team. This lead to the creation of “The Cardone Copy Club” which is already interviewing and hiring more Copy Chief members than we expected. 
“Here, inside these digital walls, there is a great potential for lives to change. 

Not only because we will have a front row ticket to one of the mightiest, and most profitable, marketing machines of our time.

Not only because you'll learn - directly from the Copy Chief at Cardone - exactly how to land a gig working with them.

Not only because this is the ONLY way into a copy job with Cardone.

But also because of the EXPERIENCE those of you who get hired will have inside the "machine". In most industries people spend years of their lives, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, just hoping to land a job like the ones offered here, and with the kinds of companies we partner with here in Copy Chief.

They come to us because we have an eight year track record of attracting, training, and placing quality PEOPLE like you at companies like theirs.” 

- Kevin Rogers
Here’s what is so unique about these opportunities… 

Copy Chief is the sole recruiting hub for these companies and more. 

You can’t get most these jobs outside of our clubs.

Banyan Hill and Grant Cardone’s company want to train and work with Copy Chief members.

So, if you’re thinking you can simply reach out to these types of companies and land a gig, you’re wrong.

And these opportunities don’t even begin to encompass how many more jobs are waiting for Copy Chief members in our Active Job Board, take a look at this screenshot from our Job Board on the right:

See all of those fresh, new leads?

That’s only a fraction of the jobs we received and shared recently!

Business owners and companies are tired of searching for qualified freelancers on social media or through unqualified job boards like UpWork or the type of places… 

It wastes too much of their time. 

Instead, they go directly to a source they know, like, and trust – Copy Chief’s Active Job Board. 
As we said before, this is only the beginning… 

We’ve got more partnerships, more clubs, and more jobs in the pipeline as you read this message.


Insider Secrets Of Marketing Legends 

How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures w/ James Schramko
James Schramko is the founder of SuperfastBusiness community and podcast, author of “Work Less, Make More,” and has been Kevin’s personal and business mentor. In this training he reveals a step-by-step system for scaling your business to 7-figures.
Mastering the Art and Craft of Storytelling w/ Roy Peter Clark
Writers from all over the world travel to learn from Roy Peter Clark at The Poynter Institute. One of the most sought-after writing teachers shows you his proven structure for creating attention-grabbing contrast in your writing, and telling compelling stories that captivate your readers.
Establishing C.R.E.D. & Raising your Fees w/ Laura Belgray
Laura has built a reputation as one of the most powerful voices in the marketing industry. Learn her process for becoming an in-demand expert, and charging rates that match. 
How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures w/ James Schramko
John is one of my copywriting heroes – the guy who inspired me as a copywriter, taught me to think like a marketer, and shaped my thinking around writing as a “performance”. This is the “insider secret” to how he does it. 
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available

Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Come and enjoy full access to everything Copy Chief has for you over the next 30 days, if you aren’t blown away by the value, then we will return your fee, no questions and no hassles.
Here's how my conditional guarantee works:
1. Fill out your 3-step profile (which I'll send you)
2. Watch at least one full training out of the 40+ trainings
3. Introduce yourself in the forum (you’ll see a ‘new member’ section) and let us know how you’re going to implement what you learned in the training. 

That's all we need to give you a custom path to getting immense value from Copy Chief. If you aren't convinced of the value after doing those three steps and implementing the advice I offer then I will refund you 100% with no question and no hard feelings.

Save over $600 with our 8th Anniversary Special!

Get Unlimited Access To Copy Chief For An Entire Year!
Only $1490
Offer Expires September 26th
Only for the first 100 new members
Payment plan available
Includes an entire year of unlimited access to….
  • Active Job Board w/ clients looking to hire writers of all types right now
  • ​Copywriting feedback forum to get expert critiques on your work
  • ​Plus, exclusive opportunities to get private, 1-on-1 copy coaching from top working pros
  • ​World of Financial Copywriting coaching club and recruiting center
  • ​Grant Cardone’s copywriting coaching club and recruiting center 
  • ​​Freelancer & Business Owner "Safe Zones" for personal, marketing, and general business challenges in your journey through copywriting
  • ​Personal Training Dashboard with 50+ trainings and implementation assignments from industry-leading experts like John Carlton, Laura Belgray, David Deutsch, Casey Stanton, Parris Lampropoulos and more!
  • ​Copywriting crash course for new copywriters 
  • ​Local member meetup club and global member map
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Kevin, my man, you changed my life.

Growing up, I never dreamed of being a copywriter (I also didn't even know what one was).After I lost my job - I had two small children at home and I needed to get back on the horse. Any horse.

It was time to put the hard work back in again.

Somewhere in my search for a new dream, I came across a few posts about content writing. I found a few random content article jobs and completed those to the satisfaction of my clients. Despite that success, I felt myself going through the motions. No real passion.

Enter You. Kevin f'in Rogers.

Right about the time I realized that marketing was super cool and I would stay up till the early hours of the morning reading about it, I discovered "The Truth About Marketing."

Blew. Me. Away.
I couldn't get enough of it. I would go on long drives to nowhere just so I could listen to your sultry radio voice filling my ears with delicious tips on marketing.

Imagine my shock when I got to the most recent episode and heard you say that the podcast was being discontinued...
...for Copy Chief Radio!

I shifted from content pieces to copy pieces. I did a few websites (in hindsight they were awful), wrote some emails, and even tried my hand at some Facebook ads.

Once I had enough free capital, I joined Copy Chief.

Now, if the video training in Copy Chief were actual physical books, all of mine would be dog-eared until the pages were worn out, scuffed to hell and covered in highlighter.
That's when my first copy break came along in the form of a friend recommending me to a business associate clear across the country.

That guy ran a small business that needed to get it's big-boy marketing pants on.
I told him what I knew, we hammered out a contract and I started (by 'started' I mean I locked myself in my office and watched training videos for like, two straight days, before I even struck the first letter).

His. Revenue. Soared.

At his request, I took over his email campaigns and rebranded his voice to one that more closely fit his target audience (thank you Avatar training!)

Complete sidebar, I love writing for his brand. I took Chris Orzechowski's advice to heart and just went for straight humor and authenticity. His audience is all cops, firefighters and emergency rescue divers, which are 100% my people, so I get to send emails that are riddled with gems like this:
"And now this dumbass is clenching his cheeks like his soul is trying to escape, desperately searching for his bag, which contains the blessed TP."

His audience can't get their wallets out fast enough... (I sent some nuggets to Chris with a 'thank you' email.) We get at least a dozen reply emails a week from customers saying that these are the funniest emails they've ever received, and they can't wait to buy more stuff just to get more emails.

Anyway, from that point forward, I climbed the same dream ladder I did to become a cop.
Bring success to one client, they refer me to another slightly bigger client. So forth and so on.

Every step I learned something new.
Email strategy. SEO. Web design. Server arrays. Story mapping. Avatars. USP. UTM parameters. Analytics. Pixels. Facebook audiences.
Lately I've been deep in Ecommerce email automation sequences, and setting up clients who have never sent so much as a single automated email before.

My latest adventure is into backend reasons behind email deliverability, so I can engineer my client's emails to dodge overzealous spam filters and GMail filters.

Through it all, I've been wired to Copy Chief, and have a lot to thank that community for.
I applied to a job through the marketplace that I didn't feel qualified for in the least. The application was an email that basically said "here's my long job posting, send me an email that tells me who you are, and that you understand who I am, all wrapped up in a story."
So I did. The guy responded back inside of a half hour saying I brought him to tears. Ultimately that didn't work out (someone with more experience applied) but that was a huge boost.

I applied to another job through Copy Chief. Filled out the application part and promptly forgot about it because, again, I didn't feel remotely qualified.

Imagine my surprise when I was offered to move forward. This time, I had to write the headline, hook and first 400 words of an advertorial around a household service. I did my best, and sent it along (I'd never written an advertorial in my life).

Not only did I get another response, but I got scheduled for an interview with none other than Abbey Woodcock!

I'll never forget this...during that interview Abbey said that out of all the application advertorials they reviewed, mine was the one that not only got her to lean in, but she wanted me to finish the advertorial so she could buy the product! I played it cool but I was dumbstruck.
(I was also immediately reminded of your story about writing Gary to tell him he sold you a ham...)

Unfortunately, Abbey was playing headhunter and the hiring client opted to go in another direction.

Phew! So that's been the last two years of my life right there...

I'll be completely honest in telling you that I was in a super dark place when I was let go from being a cop. I actually believed my life was over and I was destined to be a box boy at Walmart. No amount of therapy or anti-depressants cracked that feeling...
But writing did.

Discovering and pursuing copywriting has given me hope I didn't think existed anymore.

For that, I need to thank you.

The community you have created, and the resources you so willingly put out there for people who just want to I don't even care what your motivations are.

You saved my life.

Copy Chief gave me what I needed to look in the mirror and go "yeah. I can do this. This is my path."
So I've been following it.

To answer your original questions: you can share anything you want about my post. I am deeply proud to be a firefighter and some of the most profound and shaping moments of my life happened in that role.

That is also how I am crafting my bat signal... I help first-responder companies connect with their customers on the level that only someone who has been there and done that can do. I know all their fears, struggles, and core desires because I am in that target audience. And first responders are deeply suspicious of any non-first responders trying to tell them a better way to do something.
Not sure if that's an actual bat signal...but it's working for now. I still struggle for clients every day, but it's getting easier.

Anyway, you wanted to know more about me... There ya go!

I really appreciate you reaching out, it was a welcome boost.


Kevin, thank you.
James Warnet
I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you guys are doing. It's great to be in a community
where you feel like you have a lot of "backup." It's also good to know that the main man is a standup guy--no pun intended. - Michael Strahan 

So many things to love about Copy Chief. Strong, plain-English, real-world, ready-to-use training tools. Everything builds confidence and skill. A great, supportive community. The intent is so clear and no hidden sell. CC’s ethics are obvious and I love this. I haven’t been this invigorated about my career in 20 years. I’m mapping my transition from corporate soldier to freelance copywriter and I know CC is going to be at the centre of this.
The community’s exchanges in the forum reminds me I’m in the right place. Everyone trying to improve, get ahead and so many people trying to help. 
I’ve done the introductory trainings on core copy skills and money skills. Awesome. Can’t wait to do everything else. Reading lots and writing. Happiness. - Pete Fadeyev
I landed a weekly retainer, as well as more campaign work (there will be several more 12 email campaign units). Tip my hat to the legends in here for the support. - Paraic O Donovan
Get an entire year of unlimited access for only $888 when you join before September 26th.
(Only for the first 100 new members)
Payment plan available
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