How To Write Faster, More Effective Copy With This Simple Index Card System...
How To Double Your Writing Speed With Just 10 Index Cards
I used to be a slow-as-molasses copywriter. I created the 4x6 Copywriting system to save myself. It's simple, it's effective, and it's fast.
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After making over $100MM in sales for my clients AND coaching some of the best freelance copywriters today...
Let me show you the easy-to-follow system I use to ‘jumpstart’ every promotion, and write killer sales copy FAST.
Yes! You’re about to get access to a simple copywriting system that just plain works. You won’t have to go through 20 hours of training videos or weeks of trial and error. Just grab 10 index cards, watch the training video, and start writing...

The best part is… you get access to the entire system (and bonus trainings) for just $27.

Hi, I’m Kevin Rogers. Over the past ten years I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning directly from many of the legends of copywriting. I wrote the copy for some of the highest-grossing direct-response product launches online, including several ClickBank record-breakers, bringing in over $100MM in sales for my clients.  

Lately, I’ve shifted my focus from writing copy for clients to coaching and working with copywriters to hone their own skills. Throughout this process, I have seen exactly how hard it is to write high-converting copy.

But what if there was a way to quickly write copy that you knew, with almost near certainty, would cut through the noise of any market, grab the reader's attention, and would bring in sales at a higher percentage than anything else that had come before it? 

The common mistake for many marketers is to rely on persuasion tactics and ignore strategy. This is a huge mistake and has left many copywriters scratching their heads wondering why a sales letter bombed, even though they used so many "proven" tactics. In reality, tactics only work when they are applied with the right strategy. Not all tactics are necessary all the time and sometimes can actually hurt a promotion. 

To address this problem, I developed an easy-to-follow ‘strategy-first’ system that helps you identify the sales-winning elements of any promotion, and gets you started on the right path from the beginning. Plus, it all fits nicely on a few 4x6 notecards.  

I call it the 4x6 Copywriting Formula. 

This method will help you identify the 4 essential facts your prospect MUST know before they buy from you... and then the 6 reasons for why they need to have it RIGHT NOW. 

Following this proven formula ensures that you have all the required elements of a promotion mapped out and they all make sense together. And even if you’re not writing sales letters, this formula allows you to easily pull out individual elements to use in emails, Facebook Ads, and other types of copy.

It’s all about constructing the right strategic framework of both compelling big ideas and supporting details. Put the big ideas on the front of the card, and bullet out the details on the back.

Now, through this 4x6 Training and my Live 4x6 Sales Page Breakdown, I’m sharing this method with other copywriters and business owners. All I ask is that you kick in $27 to help offset some of the cost of “getting the word out there.” Click below to get instant access to this copywriting system:

Here’s What James Schramko said after I taught the 4x6 System at his SuperFast Business Event:
“Kevin shared his 4x6 copy system at my annual live event. Within 30 minutes or so, every member of the 250 person audience had crafted their first decent sales copy example using the cards and Kevin’s expert tuition. 

The value of the cards + system is in excess of tens of thousands. To hire a copywriter is not cheap. To learn copy in its most usable format is priceless. It was as though my audience magically transformed their sales ability at once. If you get the ten cards and use the system it is impossible not to get a result fast.”

- James Schramko, SuperFastBusiness coaching and 
bestselling author of “Work Less, Make More”
Step-by step video walkthrough training of the 4x6 System. 
By the end of this training you’ll know exactly how to setup your notecards, and use them to write your next promotion.
'At a Glance' Quick Access Infographic
...with each of the 10 sales copy building blocks for quick reference. Keep this handy so you can quickly bust out copy for any project.
My Live Training From James Schramko's Event
A video of the live training I gave at James Schramko’s SuperFastBusiness Live Event in Australia (people paid $999 to be at this event, you’re getting it for FREE)
ON-DEMAND TRAINING BONUS - The 4x6 Copywriting Masterclass
“Look Over My Shoulder While I Breakdown 3 High-Converting Sales Pages and Show You How I Used The 4x6 Copywriting Formula To Write Them..”
Want to see how a seasoned copy pro uses this method to develop real, high converting sales pages in record time? I’ll share the exact sales pages for an info product, membership site, and high-ticket event AND breakdown exactly why they that you can do it too.

Getting to see “behind the curtain” is one of that fastest ways to develop killer copywriting chops fast. If you want to increase confidence in your writing and instantly generate better results you do not want to miss this training.
PLUS: How To 'Tweak' The 4x6 To Write Faster Copy For Every Type Of Project...
  • Email Copy
  • Facebook and Social Ads
  • Sales Letters and VSL's
  •  And more...
Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’ll Get With The 4x6 Copywriting System (For Less Than 30 Bucks)...
  • ​The 4 “Essential Questions” your prospect subconsciously brings to every pitch - leave these “loops” open and their brain will refuse to buy (we’ll teach you to close them and turn them into juicy benefits for buying now)
  • ​The 6 “Now Reasons” every sales letter must have to knock your prospect off the fence and get them clicking the buy now button with a smile
  • ​How to "Trigger Stack" your copy so your reader leans in and devours your message right to the Call To Action...
  • ​86% of sales letters fail on the Close. Get my 'Zero Doubt' closing formula that moves your prospect off the fence and onto the order page...
  • ​A surefire way to legitimize urgency and get your prospect to buy immediately - even if you’re selling a digital product with no time or supply limits.
  • ​Exactly how to frame the value of your product - the old pricing tactics no longer work, instead, use this fail proof method to get your prospect whispering, "that IS a good deal"...
  • ​Two critical elements you must always include in the proof (skipping this will kill the sale, even if you've built Know, Like, and Trust)
  • ​Kevin's tested and perfected "Scale of Severity" method for meeting your prospect where they are and taking their urgency level from yellow to red...
  • ​The “What Is It?” framework for concisely articulating the unique value of your offer...
  • ​How to make even the most apprehensive prospects feel safe and secure throughout the entire purchase process
  • ​How to express "who you are" in a way that creates an instant bond with your best prospects...
  • ​How to bust through hesitation and resistance so your prospect gives himself permission to say YES and buy -- even if you have no guarantee
  • ​And much more…
What Everyone Is Saying About Using The 4x6 Copywriting Formula:
Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If this doesn’t help you cut your “time-to-first-draft” in half, just send me an email in the next 30 days with a snapshot of your 4x6 cards and I’ll send all your money back, no questions asked.
When You Sit Down To Write Copy For Your Next Project… Where Will You Start?
If you’re like a lot of copywriters I work with, the “friction to a good first draft” is a tough process. And the truth is, you can stay exactly where you are and…
  • Experience the constant frustration of ‘struggling with copy’...
  • ​Get writers block every time you sit down to write...
  • ​Constantly doubt your copy: “is this gonna work or totally bomb?”
  • ​Dread the days where you know you need to get a first draft done...
Or, you can utilize the power of a proven system like the 4x6 Formula and…
  • ​Write faster, more effective copy by taking a systematic, distraction-free approach...
  • ​Bang out first drafts in half the time without the frustration...
  • ​Get better results with your copy (and understand exactly why something isn’t working and know how to fix it)...
  • Take on any copy job with confidence knowing that these 10 simple index cards have ‘got your back'
Who Is Kevin Rogers?
Kevin Rogers spent years traveling the country as a dead-broke stand-up comedian until he discovered how a simple joke formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook and began teaching it to marketers.

Kevin’s unique background as a nightclub comic and in-the-trenches salesperson provide a rare spectrum of experience and ability. His greatest strength is teaching anyone to use the power of their own story to connect better with customers and compel them to take action.

Today Kevin is one of the most in-demand sales consultants online, working closely with high-volume information marketers, corporations and local brick and mortar businesses alike to turn around sluggish ad campaigns. Entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world have used Kevin’s techniques to skyrocket their profits and grow their businesses at record pace.
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